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The Dirty NilThe Dirty Nil

Higher Power

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The Dirty Nil kick in your front door with first taste (Just See what we mean by Taste via the video below!) off their upcoming Spring release--"No Weaknessess" is Instant, Anthemic and declares the band's debut album in a take no prisoners manner that will shake you awake!


The Dirty Nil's upcoming "Higher Power" (2/26/16) is the band's debut album And first with Dine Alone Records. It follows a handful of 7" singles, mixtapes, EPs and limited edition lathe cut records. Their dedication to short-form releases has helped foster their relentless creative output.


The Dirty Nil live are an unhinged, destructive force. Kyle Fisher ferociously pummels his drums, while guitarist Luke Bentham and bassist Dave Nardi stretch their amp volumes past their breaking point. Bentham and Nardi's vocals range between melodic and frantic, violent and--less violent (with a grin on their faces). Whether live or on record, theirs is a performance based on tension and cathartic release.


Fractured pieces of rabid punk, feral garage rock and uneasy pop hooks--assembled and reassembled. You are going to Love The Dirty Nil!

Listen: "No Weaknesses"  




Bob MosesBob Moses

Days Gone By

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Occupying the fertile ground between organic band and an all-electronic production project, Bob Moses draw on the two poles to vividly resonate across both! A duo with an individual name, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance's musical endeavor plays with this kind of duality all over their debut album "Days Gone By".


Having released a handful of singles, Vancouver's Bob Moses had already established an impressively fervent fan base with an entrancing live show that has seem them playing festivals nationwide for the last two years. The live show seamlessly bridges the gap between dance music and live performance in much the same vein as their recordings. It is this intersection, so rare in a sea of DJs, that connects to a massively growing audience that years for Real songwriting and instrumentation.


"this year's best set of blissed-out yet darkly alluring electro-pop gems."--Entertainment Weekly


"The duo has the authenticity to appease genre-purists, yet the lyrical depth to attract non-electronic fans."--Billboard


"turning out some of the coolest, laid-back electro this ear for ear-wormy pop melodies." --GQ

Listen: "Tearing Me Up" (radio edit)  

Sun Club

Sun Club

10/29 Cosmic Charlie's - Lexington, KY#
10/31 Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC#
11/2 9:30 Club - Washington DC#
11/3 The Sinclair - Boston, MA#
11/4 Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY#
11/5 Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY#
11/6 Baltimore, MD - The Crown (Hometown Release Show)

# = The Districts


Sun ClubSun Club

The Dongo Durango

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Baltimore's Sun Club drop their debut full length album "The Dongo Durango" on 10/30, and are currently out on an amazing double bill with The Districts.


The members of Sun Club became a band as childhood friends over ten years ago with the release of a well-received 7" and EP and have toured endlessly ever since, moving from basement gigs to bars to opening shows for the likes of FIDLAR and Alvvays.


Their first-ever full length "The Dongo Durango" finds Sun Club joyously deconstructing the traditional pop song-then rebuilding it with off-kilter time signatures, gleefully unhinged vocals and sunny hooks that sink deep into your already fevered brain.


""Drummer Devin McCord keeps a lightly driving pace not unlike the spokes of bike wheels hitting the hot concrete, while joyously gulping vocals sail overhead."--SPIN (on "Summer Feet")

Listen: "Beauty Meat"  (radio edit)  






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COLOURS, a duo whose musical vision is all their own.


The Florida-based pair's forthcoming debut, "Ivory" is out February 26th, 2016.


COLOURS is the artistic collaboration of vocalist Kyle Tamo and drummer Morgan Alley. Introduced through associated musical projects, the two bonded over a priority to focus on nothing but art through music. Taking shape in 2012, both would settle on the beaches of Sarasota to create the enchanting musical experience known as COLOURS.


"Having only two members in COLOURS offers us a unique and advantageous opportunity when creating," divulges Tamo. "When too many people are working on a creative project, often personal preferences and risk have to be diluted for compromise."

COLOURS' first single and video is the illuminating track "Monster." "This music video gave us the opportunity to introduce the visual brand of COLOURS. As the project developed, it was crucial that we gave attention to detail in order to maintain cohesiveness," says Alley behind the lead-off single.


Entering the studio in January 2015 with producer Shaun Lopez (Crosses, Deftones), COLOURS began to develop "Ivory". On working with Lopez, Alley said, "Shaun has a great ear for tone. He was able to listen to the songs we created, understand the direction and breathe life into them."

"Fusing the sort of dark, electronic undertones of Purity Ring and Crosses with post-modern,
Weeknd-tinged R&B, Colours have created a lush sound that's as dangerous as it is seductive."

Listen: "Monster"  






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Growing up in the small Norwegian town of Os, Aurora was first drawn to music as a young child and influenced by her sister's piano playing. Coming into her own at but 17 years old, Aurora started performing publicly, first for her schoolmates and then at major Norwegian music festivals and radio stations. Now at 18, Aurora has become one of the country's most talked about new artists with sites now firmly set on the States!


Until Aurora delivers her debut album in 2016, there's something Truly Magical to dig into in the interim--her cover of Oasis classic "Half The World Away" (already taking flight now in the UK as part of the yearly anticipated and high profile John Lewis Christmas Ad).


"Aurora's gorgeous vocals and unexpected instrumental harmonies shine..."--NPR


"The soundtrack to your wilderness fantasy"--New York Magazine

Listen: "Half The World Away"  

Everything Everything

Everything Everything


Everything EverythingEverything Everything

Get to Heaven

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Everything Everything's third album "Get To Heaven" feels like the end of an epic trilogy - triumphant and delivered in the guise of arch and ebullient pop. A coarse and colourful collection of songs, "Get To Heaven" retains the same sense of adventure which first established the four-piece as pioneering pop-provocateurs back in 2007 and is their greatest accomplishment yet. This is a band that have spent their career challenging every phoned-in convention of rock and revelling in a disdain for retrogression, all the while touring with the likes of Muse and Foals and scoring three Ivor Novello nominations and a Mercury Prize shortlist nod in the process.


Following their most recent album "Arc", Jonathan Higgs, bassist Jeremy Pritchard, guitarist Alex Robertshaw and drummer Michael Spearman hunkered down in a derelict warehouse in Ancoats, Manchester, to write and record "Get to Heaven". Although completing around 80% of the album independently, they enlisted Stuart Price [Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, the Killers] to stitch together their surprisingly vibrant tapestry of modern horrors. It was a musical marriage which may seem incongruous for a band so entrenched in their leftfield roots, but soon unravelled itself as utterly ideal for their alt-pop ambitions.


"Stuart was the only producer that really got it'" says Robertshaw. "He's very impressive. Both within music and as a person. He filled the room with positive energy, which we needed quite a lot, considering the issues that Jon wanted to tackle lyrically."


While ice-bucket challenges, Great British Bake Offs and Kim Kardashian's arse clogged up the cyber hive in 2014, Everything Everything's frontman absorbed the brutality in the every day, in every part of the world, from ongoing conflicts, to natural disasters, disease and debt. He watched the news, read the internet, seethed. "That's one of the many things that went into me during that year - this sense of blinding rage about what is happening. I can't believe the world right now is so incredibly violent, or that there's a strength of belief in the world in a way that we British, apathetic people can even begin to understand," Higgs explains.


The result is eleven tracks which aim to awaken the desensitised. There are no quiet songs. There is no downtime. Inspired by the cold, bloodthirsty aggression of Kanye West's Yeezus, Young Fathers' fury-fuelled vibrancy and retaining that same madcap pop that was at the core of their debut Man Alive, "Get To Heaven" is an album which shouts over the bland, contemporary music scene. It adopts the voice of both the victim and the conspirator - Higgs like a Jekyll and Hyde, snarling, sneering, hopeful and harmonious.


"Get To Heaven" is Everything Everything at their most instinctive and confident. An intricate snapshot of contemporary culture from one of the most inventive bands in British music, the group return with a fervour which not only confronts the mundanity of the norm and the world's intrinsic evils, but hurls a grenade in the direction of the docile pop and rock scene. "With this new record we wanted to make a bold move," Robertshaw adds. "We don't have to be worried about being a guitar band. We're makers of music now."

Listen: "Distant Past"  


Avid Dancer

11/14 Double Door - Chicago, IL
11/15 Village Theater - Davenport, IA
11/18 The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
11/20 Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR
11/22 The Independent - San Francisco, CA
11/23 El Rey Theater - Los Angeles, CA
11/24 Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA
11/25 The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA



Avid DancerAvid Dancer

1st Bath

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Avid Dancer is LA-based Jacob Dillon Summers, former marine corps drummer turned indie rock romantic.


While Summers' initial work garnered comparisons to the likes of Tame Impala and Kurt Vile, his latest single "I Feel It" sheds some of the psychedelic fuzz of his debut album "1st Bath", and offers up a more sun-soaked, synth-kissed kind of pop befitting of his current tourmate, BORNS.


"Last summer I was really focused on the idea of stating true and simple things in my songs. I remember sitting down with my guitar, ready to say something honest. I thought about the girl I was dating and how for the first time I truly could feel the love from someone. Undeniably, I could actually feel it. When I recorded this song, I wanted to sing as opening and honest as I could since the topic was so personally truthful. It's the most I've ever put myself out there in studio. I wouldn't keep any vocal take that didn't make me clench my fists when I sang the chorus."--Avid Dancer's Jacob Dillan Summers


"Bright vocals, swirling guitars and buzzing keys evoke the psychedelic sound of Tame Impala, though somehow sent back to the 80s so all that soulful loveliness can rattle around in the heyday a bit."--SPIN


"One of the best debut albums of the year"--KCRW

Listen: "I Feel It" (radio edit)  




Purity RingPurity Ring


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The future pop of Purity Ring returns with album standout "Begin Again", and as if to Perfectly illustrate that old tagline of "two great tastes that go great Together!", the Canadian electro-pop innovators have paired with HEALTH!


Purity Ring kicked off a 19-date European tour on 10/27, including a performance at the Roundhouse in London and will return to Los Angeles to headline the Shrine on 12/5. In the new year they're heading to Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Purity Ring have performed 100 dates in 2015 alone, selling out shows across North America and Europe. Rolling Stone praised their latest "Another Eternity" for it's "lustrous synth pop and plush cavernous hip hop" and NPR called the album "the most ingratiating electro-pop around." The band performed on Conan and Seth Meyers earlier this year, and you can click below for their swing by Kimmel most recently.


"Purity Ring's tombstone-pop tendencies make them the ideal pairing for gothic noise punks's safe to say it [Begin Again] serves as a thesis of sorts for the record. HEALTH have taken that thesis and warped it to fit their astral, darkly poetic worldview."--Stereogum

Listen: "Begin Again (HEALTH Remix)"  

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus

11/28 First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN
12/2 LC Pavilion - Columbus, OH
2/05 Clyde's Iron Works - Duluth, MN

* - with JR JR


Hippo CampusHippo Campus

South EP

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Hippo Campus' "South" is not only the New single but also the title track off their newly released EP. Bolder, more confident and nuanced this round, "South" is an anthem, building on the indie pop of the prior EP while subtly pushing the limits of the band's sound.


In the just 10 months since Minneapolis' Hippo Campus released its debut EP "Bashful Creatures", the band has earned Best Newcomer nods from Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly, made their TV debut on Conan, toured with Modest Mouse and My Morning Jacket, played Lollapalooza and Made In America festivals and seen their last single "Suicide Saturday" skip across the Satellite, Alternative and Non-Comm radio dial!

Listen: "South" (radio edit)  




The CrookesThe Crookes

Lucky Ones

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Sheffield, England's finest The Crookes are Back! "I Wanna Waste My Time On You" is the joyful New single and First sampling off the upcoming 4th album "Lucky Ones" (out 1/29/16), and clearly declares that some sunshine has broken through The Crookes' emotional clouds.


The Crookes have always been well read and versed in tales of love and the space in between, but with the upcoming "Lucky Ones" they prove they are dreamers who resonate more with a life well lived.


"I Wanna Waste My Time On You" is a pertinent departure from the melancholy, and reinvents Romance in a bold and engaging light.


"'I Wanna Waste My Time On You' was the first song we wrote for the album and it sort of set the tone about what we wanted to achieve," says guitarist/singer Daniel Hopewell. "I always see songs as colors (I'm not sure if it's synesthesia or not) but the last album was black and grey, whereas these songs are all blue and pink and bright yellow."


+ Expect The Crookes Back To Our Shores For Tour This Coming Spring +

Listen: "I Wanna Waste My Time On You"  

Brass Bed

Brass Bed


Brass BedBrass Bed

In The Yellow Leaf

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Brass Bed's new single "I Am Just A Whisper" is your earliest taste and first single off their upcoming album "In The Yellow Leaf" (out Spring 2016)! It's easily the most frenetic, anxiety-induced jangle thrasher the band has ever produced.


Brass Bed begun during a bedroom recording session in the band's hometown of Lafayette, LA, during an Elephant 6-obsessed summer break from college. It has blossomed from studio to stage through changes in lineup, geographic distance, three studio albums, four EPs, a handful of singles, a pair of robberies and various life distractions growing up.


Brass Bed has recently put the finishing touches on their 4th LP, "In The Yellow Leaf" and are proud to announce their new label partners--Modern Outsider out of Austin, TX. Though it won't see the light of day until Spring 2016, ModOut are releasing the first single on 10/30.


The single's A-side "I Am Just A Whisper" was tracked with BB's old pal/enginerr Danny Reisch and features Ben 'Benjo' Jones of Generationals and Youth Lagoon on guitar.


Then kick over to the B-side to hear their scuzzed out cover of Gene Thomas' "Sometimes", a swamp pop standard by way of Flamin' Groovies that they tracked with Chris Woodhouse (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall) in Sacramento, CA.


"In The Yello Leaf" follows Brass Bed's critically acclaimed 2013 release "The Secret Will Keep You" which landed on NPR's All Songs Considered 10 Best Of The Year!

Listen: "I Am Just A Whisper"  

El Vy

El Vy

11/2-03 Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
11/4 Neumos - Seattle, WA
11/06 The Independent - San Francisco, CA
11/07-08 Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
11/10 Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA
11/11 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
11/13 Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY
11/14 Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY
11/15 The Sinclair - Boston, MA
11/19 Metro - Chicago, IL
11/20 Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI
11/21 First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN


El VyEl Vy

Return To The Moon

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EL VY (rhymes with 'hell pie') is the musical collaboration between Matt Berninger, vocalist and lyricist of The National, and Brent Knopf, the Portland musician and producer best known for his work in Menomena and his more recent band, Ramona Falls. Their debut album "Return To The Moon" will be released on October 30th.


The album is a project Berninger and Knopf have been thinking about for years. Their friendship spans nearly a decade, starting back when The National and Menomena played small half-empty clubs along America's west coast. Feeling an immediate musical kinship, the pair kept in touch, Brent sending Matt occasional rough sketches of music and Matt responding with melodies and lyrics. Finally, in the winter and spring of 2014-15, they actually got together to make an album.


"Return To The Moon" sounds exactly like you'd hope a collaboration between these artists would: Berninger's darkly funny, lyrical storytelling and his immediately identifiable sense of melody, offset by Knopf's playful, architectural arrangements and inventive production. Knopf explains, "I never worried about sending Matt something unfinished. He's able to imagine where it can go. He can grab the four bars that will become the core of the track and develop them into something amazing."


The National and Ramona Falls are both currently preparing upcoming releases, so EL VY is not a replacement or side project, but a glimpse into an alternate musical universe: a universe in which Berninger never left Cincinnati, and Midwestern punk Mecca the Jockey Club never closed. A universe in which Mike Watt and the late D. Boon on the punk band Minutemen are every bit as iconic as Mick and Keith, and a teenager's sense of rebellion is fed by the dark social politics of middle America.

Listen: "Return To The Moon" (radio edit)  

Car Seat Headrest

Car Seat Headrest

11/27 7th Street Entry - Minneapolis, MN
11/28 The Frequency - Madison, WI
11/29 Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL
11/30 The Loving Touch - Detroit, MI
12/4 The Lizard Lounge - Cambridge, MA
12/5 Baby's All Right - Brooklyn, NY
12/6 Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA
12/7 DC9 - Washington, DC
12/8 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA
12/9 DC9 Nightclub - Washington, DC
12/10 The Earl - Atlanta, GA
12/11 High Watt - Nashville, TN
12/12 The Demo - St. Louis, MO
1/9 Sunset Tavern - Seattle, WA
1/11 The Bartlett - Spokane, WA
1/12 Wild Buffalo - Bellingham, WA
1/13 Neurolux - Boise, ID
1/14 Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT
1/15 Hi-Dive - Denver, CO
1/17 Valley Bar - Phoenix, AZ
1/18 The Casbah - San Diego, CA
1/19 Bootleg Bar - Los Angeles, CA
1/20 The Independent - San Francisco, CA
1/22 Sam Bond's Garage - Eugene, OR
1/23 Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR


Car Seat HeadrestCar Seat Headrest

Teens Of Style

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Car Seat Headrest signs to Matador having already crafted an 11-album catalog of staggering depth, all self-released on Bandcamp, which has gained him an obsessive following and over 25K in downloads--all without the muscle of a manager, label, agent or publicist--until now.


After relocating from hometown Leesburg, VA to Seattle in 2014, Toledo assembled a proper band to flesh out his bedroom masterpieces. Taking material from the first three years of the band's existence, he's reworked the material to generate his most realized arrangements to date into an enthralling collection of songs destined for wide acclaim.


"it's easy to relate to their channeled aggression. Toledo's howls and screeching guitars are totally teenage style and worth embracing wholeheartedly."--Consequence Of Sound


"a tight piece of fully fledged, guitar-driven power pop."--Noisey/VICE


"a blown-out, four-on-the-floor power-pop song that races with an anxious heart waiting to explode."--NPR

"If the Strokes left the garage and entered the bedroom, if Built To Spill collaborated with Grandaddy, or if Radiohead reverted back to their Pablo Honey era--all in the form of one person."--SPIN (Sept 5 Artists To Watch)


"Toledo uses his music as a way to cope, a way to contextualize current emotions into something digestible. And he hopes that translates to the listener, as a way to feel some catharsis and relief. It works."--Stereogum


"Toledo's lyrics luxuriate in their angst--but they're also written in the way of depressed people who know they should know better. It's such a big sound for what would be a small range of emotions were he unable to evoke them so convincingly."--Pitchfork

Listen: "Something Soon" (radio edit)  


Majical Cloudz

1/18 Schubas - Chicago, IL
1/19 Music Hall Of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY
1/23 Barboza - Seattle, WA
1/24 Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR
1/26 The Chapel - San Francisco, CA


Majical-CloudzMajical Cloudz

Are You Alone?

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"Are You Alone?" is the highly anticipated second album from Majical Cloudz. It's the duo's greatest, most concise work to date and Already garnering rave reviews.


Majical Cloudz thrives within the uncomfortable space where the private becomes public. In their early days, frontman Devon Welsh would reduce house show audiences to tears. He now evokes similar catharsis in massive crowds, brandishing only his unabashed, raw lyrics and minimal electronic arrangements.


In inhabiting this odd space, whether in a living room or an arena, it's undeniably Welsh's stage.


Pitchfork--"Best New Track" and 8.0 Album Review


"once again, they've made an album of unsettling force, one which Walsh sounds like he's singing directly at you, the listener."--Stereogum


Somewhere beneath the existential probing and gloomy synth lines is a kernel of hope, a suggestion that everything will be OK"--SPIN


"an arrestingly beautiful song"--NOISEY


"Atmospheric and ambitious, it's the perfect introduction to new album Are You Alone?"--NME


"after listening to the beautifully gray album, it's the first word that carries the weight. Are you really alone when there are 'sad, sad songs' like these?"--Consequence Of Sound

Listen: "Downtown"  

Elliot Moss

Elliot Moss

11/14 Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA


Elliot MossElliot Moss


Elliot Moss on facebookElliot Moss on TwitterSend Comments

Elliot Moss is a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer from New York who has drawn comparisons as diverse as Alt-J, James Blake, Washed Out and Radiohead, with his soulful vocals, strong songwriting and embrace of electronic, jazz and ambient sounds.


The third generation in a family of musicians and artists, Moss' new release "Highspeeds" was recorded at his home studio.  Moss performed, produced and mixed the entire album with the exception of a few friends.


"spacious and diverse, Elliot Moss' style is a combination of minimalist, echoed beats layered with acoustic delicacies, veering into grunge and electro-pop."--(Five Artists To Watch In April) SPIN


"Foggy, melancholy fuzzed-out folk with traces of brass and wobly electronics fraying the edges outward."--Stereogum


"All shaded rhythms and soulful vocals."--FADER

Listen: "Best Light" (radio edit)  



7/29 Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
8/01 Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL
8/02 Lollapalooza 2015 - Chicago, IL
8/06 Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica, CA
8/08 Brick & Mortar Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
8/09 Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2015 - San Francisco, CA




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Having just wrapped a global tour, Australian trio DMA'S return with the First Taste off their Soon to be announced debut album--the "Lay Down" single.


DMA'S took North America by storm this sumer playing shows and festivals. The band hit Governor's Ball, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Lollapalooza and Osheaga as well as their own headline tour.


DMA'S formed a couple of years ago when three friends started writing and recording music together above a hairdresser on a busy street in Newton, Australia. They'd known each other casually for awhile and had all been in other bands previously, but hadn't found their own individual voices or the proper outlet for the songs percolating in their heads.


The product of three distinct musical personalities, DMA'S songs crackle with classic melodies and a sweet, youthful energy. You'll hear elements of 90s Britpop and shoegaze and American alternative guitar rock woven through arena-ready fist pumpers.


"brought Manchester, U.K., to Manchester, Tennessee...delivering Glastonbury-worthy hooks powered by a three-guitar assault."--Rolling Stone (at Bonnaroo)


"intertwines jangly, dreamy shoegaze with uncompromising noise....DMA'S channel the very best of the Stone Roses' transcendent melodies; there's an obvious Ian Brown (and even Damon Albarn-esque) swagger apparent in the vocals."--Stereogum (on "Lay Down")

Listen: "Lay Down"  



10/30 House of Blues Orlando - Lake Buena Vista, FL#
10/31 Jannus Landing - Saint Petersburg, FL#
11/04 Stubb's Austin Jr - Austin, TX
11/05 Bomb Factory - Dallas, TX#

# = with Chvrches



Pick Me Up

Mansionair on facebookMansionair on TwitterSend Comments

Glassnote's latest/greatest signing is Mansionair, a Sydney three-piece you've no doubt Already been hearing rumblings about. The Aussies deliver their New single "Speak Easy" this week and in advance of the anticipated Pick Me Up EP, coming out 10/2! The single debuted Just Last Night "back home" on influential radio Triple J.


Since dropping debut single "Hold Me Down" in 2014, Australia's Mansionair (Jack Froggatt, Lachlan Bostock and Alex Nicholls) has gained widespread praise for their mesmerizing and genre-defying sound from tastemakers including NME, The Guardian, Stereogum, BBC Radio 1 and Pigeons and Planes, who declared the band an "Act to Watch", helped propel "Hold Me Down" to a staggering 10 million-plus combined streams.


Along the way they caught the attention of CHVRCHES who released the band's Hold Me Down EP late last year on their own Goodbye Records imprint.


"know how to spin a web of sticky, glistening whisper-pop."--Stereogum


"Classy stuff that points to a bright future"--NME


"... A mesmerizing, meandering journey that never finds a home in one particular genre"--Pigeons and Planes

Listen: "Speak Easy"  

Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett

10/20 Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA
10/21 The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
10/23 Madison Square Garden - New York, NY


Courtney BarnettCourtney Barnett

Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Courtney Barnett on facebookCourtney Barnett on TwitterSend Comments

Mixing witty, often hilarious, occasionally even heartbreaking observations with devastating self-assessment, Courtney Barnett's debut album, "Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit", cements her standing as one of the most distinctive and compelling voices in indie rock. These songs reveal not only an assured songwriter and guitar player, but also an artist who in just a few years has already proved highly influential.


Fuelled by the nimble crunch of her guitar and the loose groove of the rhythm section, Courtney Barnett's songs are wild and shaggy and wordy, her lyrics plainspoken and delivered like she's making them up on the spot. The music is rooted in the slack jangle of the late 1980s and the early 1990s, which has prompted the adjective "slacker" from journalists and critics around the world. That word is fitting for tunes that sound like they only just roused themselves out of bed. As a description of Barnett's work ethic and musical influence, however, "slacker" is all wrong.


Even just a few years into a solo career, she has already proved herself an idiosyncratic and boundary-smashing artist and a passionate advocate for the arts who is changing the face of indie rock in her native Australia and around the world. After leaving art-school in Hobart, Tasmania, Barnett moved to Melbourne and became a mainstay of the local scene. She paid her dues and honed her chops in short-lived garage outfits before playing lead guitar in the twang-psych band Immigrant Union (which featured Bob Harrow and the Dandy Warhols' Brent DeBoer).


When she went solo, Barnett launched her own label, which she dubbed Milk! Records, to release her own material as well as music by some of Melbourne's finest singers and songwriters. With the 2013 release of "The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas" (which combined her first two self-released EPs), she embarked on an almost never-ending tour that took her to North America and Europe, barely stopping long enough to record her first true album.


Her songs may not sound tightly coiled, but they are carefully and exactingly structured. Her lyrics may ramble, but each word is carefully chosen. She is, however, no perfectionist. In fact, she may be an imperfectionist: Barnett strives to fine-tune her songs as much as possible, but she knows that their flaws—a missed note here, a flubbed line there—can make the music sound more human, more relatable, more sympathetic. "My songs follow me as a normal human with normal emotions," she explains, "so there are great highs and great lows. They span everything in my life."


Barnett and her band—which includes Dan Luscombe on guitar and the surprisingly nimble rhythm section of Bones Sloane on bass and Dave Mudie on drums—recorded the album at Head Gap Studio in Melbourne during the fall of 2014. "We'd start midday and work until quite early in the morning," she says. "Of course, half the time is sitting around waiting for the engineer to get a mic into place or something like that." The band used the downtime to take these songs apart and put them back together again. Nothing was taken on faith; every note and every word was parsed.


"We didn't just go in and bang it out. We mucked around with it. There was the panic of not having the songs prepared, but I think that energy works for the album. And we were drinking a lot of coffee." (The process was documented by photographer Tajette O'Halloran, whose images are included in the liner notes.)


Writing these songs can be a drawn-out and nerve-wracking process, especially when she finds herself recording a song that she hasn't written yet, but it pays off beautifully on "Sometimes I Sit and Think...". It's a beguiling collection of songs that reveals her as an ambitious songwriter with an ear for clever turns of phrase and an eye for story-song details that are literate without being pretentious. Barnett even did the artwork and hand lettering for the liner notes, showcasing a whimsical style similar to indie comics or the sketches of Eric Chase Anderson (who does most of the sketches for his brother Wes' films).


Now that these songs are on record, she will not stop tweaking and perfecting them. The more she lives with them—the more she plays them out, the more fans react to them—the more alive they sound to her, often disclosing new meanings and direr implications. "They keep revealing themselves," she says. "They change from touring and recording. They morph and change form and can end up sounding completely different. I hope it's like that forever."

Listen: "Nobody Really Cares If  
You Don't Go To The Party"



12/15 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV
12/01 Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA
12/15 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV




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FIDLAR are Back and Just In Time to save our ears and eyes from boredom! The upcoming "Too" (out 9/4) showcases a band that's on the forefront of modern punk!


Since forming in 2009, FIDLAR quickly became one of the LA music scene's most celebrated live acts thanks to their raucous live shows, which often concluded with the majority of audience members joint the band on stage.


Since formation, the band has toured the world and played with The Pixies, The Orwells, The Hives, Black Lips, OFF!, Jeff The Brotherhood, Wavves and more.


FIDLAR's self-titled debut album was released January 2013 and debuted #5 Billboard Heatseekers Chart, #2 Alt New Artist Chart, was the #1 Most Added release at CMJ and spent multiple Top 5 weeks in a row on the national new music specialty show charts.


FIDLAR's Zac Carper on the accompanying video: "In the late 90s and early 2000s, music videos were such a huge deal. We decided that instead of making one overly slick music video, we would nod to 15 of our favorite music videos that we grew up with. Everyone in the band threw in their ideas."


"the '40oz On Repeat' video is an easy contender for one of the best videos of the year."--Consequence Of Sound


"FIDLAR is back with a badass new song and video to go along with it."--Stereogum


"FIDLAR unleash every goofball trick in the book in '40oz On Repeat' video"--SPIN


"LA skate punks FIDLAR are out with a new video, and it will scratch your nostalgia itch so hard and good you won't need that tattoo choker anymore."--MTV News

Listen: "West Coast"